Pipe Organ

The pipe organ in the Church of the Saviour was built by the Murray M. Harris Organ Company of Los Angeles and installed in 1911. The organ, after years of dedicated service, was enlarged and renovated by Richard Villemin of the Möller Organ Company of Maryland in 1968. A new console, mechanisms, wiring, chimes and new stops were installed bringing the number of pipes to a total of 1015, increased from the original 690. With the passage of time, the former electro-pneumatic stop action became unreliable. In November of 2013 the organ’s console was refurbished with digital stop action, a digital memory system, four General toe pistons, and Murray Harris-style stop knobs. In 2016, thanks to a very generous donor, an additional 500+ digital sounds were added. The Church of the Saviour Organ is still used regularly for services, concerts, and is listed in the Organ Historical Society (OHS) Pipe Organ Database.